thank you thats what i was thinking too!! <3
I don’t have an answer but OMG THAT SKIRT IS SO CUTE

ISNT IT THO????????????? if she can make it a lighter colour yellow or make it blue i think it will be easier to find a shirt for and im soooo excited omg

*tumblr ate the end of what else i was saying but i was just wah wahing abt having to rearrange my clothing schedule for the con bc i should go to my photo op in this skirt tbh

the psn who makes that tardis/sunflower skirt is gonna change the top half to be a lighter shade of yellow or maybe tardis blue instead of that bright yellow and im so pumped to own it omg omg im gonna look soooooooooooo cute just so everyone knows~~~~

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3 on sofa. 2013.08.25
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lol now that im getting that cute doctor who skirt im not sure when i should wear my outfits at the convention……..

planned outfits:

  • she hulk cosplay
  • pink seifuku co-ord
  • tardis/sunflower co-ord

friday is a day to wander mostly and i WAS going to do my she hulk cosplay on this day, but im very, very uncomfortable with my makeup job still so im not sure…. i dont want to back out of it because i wanna cosplay SO BAD but i have less than a month to get comfy w/ full body makeup ;__;

saturday is most of my photo ops i think, i believe thats when my matt smith/karen gillan photo op is. were also doing a seb stan/anthony mackie photo op which im ASSUMING is gonna be on saturday as well.

sunday is the doctor who panel but thats BEFORE the convention floor opens so there will be more stuff to do, and were doing a john barrowman photo op that i was thinking about for sunday since i was assuming saturday was gonna be too busy for too many photo ops…..

well i was gonna wear my seifuku on saturday but now im wondering if i should wear it sunday instead and wear my tardis/sunflower co-ord on saturday…………